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Chapter 4: Feeding the Newborn

1. Tahneek (introducing chewed dates to the baby’s palate) is a sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ Tahneek is the act of softening or chewing a piece of dates, then taking this softened dates and rubbing it on the baby’s palate (known in Arabic as حنك). […]

It’s Jummah!

It’s Jummah!

  It’s Jummah! by Najia Rastgar and Lyazzat Mukhangaliyeva Ages 0+ years After a nearly three month interlude aka summer break between the two Eids, students in Madinah, and around the world, are once again heading off to another year of studying and learning. For some, […]

Born in Madinah – Part 2: Canadian Citizenship & Passport

The information in this section is specific to babies born in Saudi Arabia with at least one Canadian parent. If you are from another country, the passport application will be completely different. You can skip ahead to the next section: Part 3: Getting Baby’s Iqamah […]

Born in Madinah – Part 1: Birth Notification & Birth Certificate

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! For expatriate families, the decision to have the baby in Saudi Arabia comes after lots of consideration. Quality of care in the hospitals, doctors, help from family, language barriers, expenses and the list goes on. But now that […]


Eczema is one of those things where everyone is an expert…but none of them have a cure. While your little one is itching and squirming, it is hard not to get frustrated with all the suggestions. Bathe him daily. No only twice a week. Use […]

The “Ice Cube” Method

The introduction of solid foods into your baby’s diet is a huge milestone..it’s a giant step towards an independent little person. But the road to easy (aka baby feeds himself) has some momentary added chores. Extra wash as in carrot-covered bibs and mango-covered kid. Extra […]