Five Pillars. Just to Please Allah


Five pillars, Just to Please Allah

by Rabia Bashir; illustrated by Amir al-Zubi

Ages 0+



Ask any Muslim this simple question: what is one of the most important concepts in Islam? Chances are that the majority will reply: The 5 Pillars of Islam. This is often one of the first lessons taught in an Islamic studies lesson, whether at Islamic schools or at your local masjid. It encompasses the obligatory actions that make a person a Muslim.

Our dear sister, Rabia Bashir, used her amazing talents as an author to bring this crucial lesson to our little Muslim kids at the first chance possible. Five Pillars, Just to Please Allah is her boardbook that does just that. Children are never too young to learn… especially when it’s fun-filled and colourful.

This larger-than-average boardbook introduces each pillar in the form of a simple catchy rhyme scheme. If you’ve heard the nursery rhyme Row, row, row your boat, then you’ve got this down. If not, Rabia took the time to put together a beautiful sing-along video! (You can find it here.)

Another reason that I absolutely love this book, and my son too judging from how many times he makes us read it, is the illustrations!!! SubhaanAllah, they are filled with colours and attention to the smallest details. Amir al-Zubi drew the characters to represent children from all over the world of every race…and their clothing is so carefully drawn to represent that! I love taking my time going through the pics imagining where in the world that little Muslim child came from.

The representative aspect that shows the diversity of Muslims is beautiful. Our kids need to be represented in what they are surrounded by and this book is an amazing example.

And to top it all off, the end of the book has a cute lift-the-flap activity for your kids to practice their newly acquired knowledge of the 5 pillars of Islam.

This is a book that you as a parent will enjoy, that your kids will adore, and that will be a wonderful step on their paths as little Muslims. 

(Plus, it is published by the auhtor’s own publishing company, Precious Bees, and is accompanied by another equally amazing title!)