The Pearl Tent Library: A New Project

Being a mom is a hard job. A really hard job. I think we can all agree on that. There’s the endless cycle of poop diapers and feedings and using the washroom with a spectator while cooking and doing the dishes and laundry…. We’re keeping ourselves and our kids alive. But we don’t just want living children; we want the best for our children…healthy food, safe play spaces, and educational experiences.

But for us Muslim mothers, that’t not all. Because being a Muslim mom is even harder. We Muslim moms have another layer to worry about: raising children that have strong emaan. We are the shepherds of these little people and we have to instill in them the values that will make them good Muslims in this dunya and guarantee them a place in the aakhirah. 

Alhamdulilah, more and more parents are realizing that the books and toys that our children use all contribute to their development, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Raising good Muslim girls and boys is not just about sending them to madrasah or the Masjid’s weekend classes. It also includes screening the things they use and play with for unIslaamic things, whether that is bad language, immoral ideas, or mature topics. The products produced today are often big contributing factors in the weakening of emaan among our young Muslim generations; finding products that counter this narrative can be very hard.

When I was pregnant with my son and in those first crazy months of his tiny existence, I began filling my sleepless nights with scouring the internet for the perfect toys and books (breastfeeding past-times lol :P) I wanted my child to uphold fairness and equality and the rights of women and minorities and the least fortunate and so many other things. I soon realized that a generation of Muslim moms like myself were also hunting through the internet and our communities for products that fit into our Islaamic lifestyles (Amazon wishlists anyone?).  After much googlings, I soon realized that there was a small but growing collection of Muslim  entrepreneurs (and a big majority are women!!!) creating and offering products that fill this gap. A lot of them were other Muslim moms who decided to make the products that they wanted; they are creating products that represent our children’s racial diversity, that celebrate their Islaamic faith, and that instill ethical concepts that make the world a better place.

And that is how The Pearl Tent Library came into existence. The idea for my blog (The Life Traveller) started when I was pregnant with my son. The blog became a reality after he was born. And now as he is turning 1, this project is ready to be launched Insha Allah.

It took months of searching through the insides of the internet to find the small but growing assortment of products available to families like mine. I would like to make it easier for other Muslim moms. Instead of searching all over for these products, why not curate them all together in one place? Buying these products not only supports Muslim businesses, but it is also us moms proactively raising the next generation of Muslims. If we want good Muslim children, we have to actively make that happen. 

It’s my dream for The Pearl Tent Library to be an ongoing project where I will share children’s books, toys, and other products along with the occasional adult-focused products. Insha Allah, I will post reviews of these products as well as information on where to buy them, etc. Hope you all enjoy <3

May Allah bless this effort and make it beneficial to the Ummah.  Ameen.