100 Days till Ramadhan

As the short, cold winter days pass by one by one, we are getting closer and closer to the arrival of another Ramadhan.

It’s a month spent doing so many different ebaadahs, from fasting to striving to reciting a juzz every day to standing in the night in prayer. But subhaanAllah, it is so easy to forget all about Ramadhan till the next one is a few days away.
Imagine that the Muslims of the past used to have Ramadhan in the front of their minds all year round.

Ma’ali bin Fudail said, ‘They used to ask Allah the Almighty six months before Ramadhan to grant them long life so that they could reach Ramadhan and they used to ask Allah the Almighty six months after Ramadhan to accept their fasting’.

(Lataa’if al-Ma’aarif pg. 148)

Is Ramadhan in our minds right now? What are some ways you have begun anticipating or preparing for this blessed month?
For some of us, we are showered with Allah’s Mercy during Ramadhan when we are exempted from fasting due to special circumstances. It could have been sickness or travelling. Or for us sisters, it could have been our menstrual cycle, childbirth, or breastfeeding.

But whatever our excuse was, Allah has given us the mercy of an entire year to make it up. We have till the next Ramadhan to fast those days we missed. 330 days to finish our fasts…so many days to choose from and some with much, much shorter hours.

Do not let these days slip by my dear sisters. Do not let 330 days go by and you still have not made up your fasts. Even if you missed the entire Ramadhan, there is so much time to space it out and slowly make it up.
You are only excused from fasting for traveling, sickness, menstruation, childbirth, and breastfeeding/ pregnancy if yours or the baby’s health is at risk. (Pregnancy/ breastfeeding where your/ the baby’s health is not being affected is not an excuse dear sisters).

Let us not take Allah’s Mercy for granted. Let us be grateful for the excuse He gave us and not be lazy in fulfilling our obligations when we later have the chance.

We now have 100 days left till the next Ramadhan. How many of us still have days left?

For all of us pregnant/ breastfeeding, space it out dear sisters. Do one day a week only if that’s what you can handle. Go slow but steady.

May Allah accept all our good deeds. May He accept our fasts. May He allow us to fulfill our obligations and to be blessed with another Ramadhan. Ameen