10 Best First Foods

The transition from exclusively breast-feeding or bottle-feeding to a diet that includes actual 'adult' food is one of the biggest milestones in a baby's development. Gone are the days when first foods were limited to iron-fortified cereals and jars of baby mush. Today, moms and dads are paying more attention to what goes into their little person's body and doctors are recommending real food as a baby's first foods more often.

These are some natural and wholesome first food options for your baby (and you) to enjoy. Happy eating!

1. Avocado

This is another example of one of 'nature's perfect food.' It is packed with good fats and nutrients, plus it's composition which is similar to breast milk make it easy on a baby's digestive system.

  • mono-unsaturated fats
  • protein

2. Oats

This traditional breakfast food is also a perfect first food for babies. A whole-grain choice packed with nutrients, it is both versatile and easy on the digestive system.

  • complex carbohydrates
  • iron
  • zinc
  • magnesium

3. Carrots

This root vegetable is another common baby first food. Not only do babies like the sweet taste, but it is a great source of calcium to build those growing bones.

  • Vitamin A: betacarotene
  • Vitamin C
  • calcium

4. Bananas

This fruit is also known as 'nature's perfect food,' and with good reason. It's packed with many of the nutrients essential for our survival.

  • potassium
  • antacids
  • carbohydrates

5. Yogurt

Yogurt has a baby-friendly texture and can be paired with just about any kind of puree you have on hand. Healthy and easy to prepare.

  • calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • protein

6. Dates and Prunes

These naturally-sweet fruits are nature's candies. They are also packed with fiber which helps with constipation, a common issue when introducing solids to your baby.

  • iron
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
dates and prunes

7. Red Meat

This is one first food that doctors have only recently started recommending. It's high in nutrients, plus the iron is more easily absorbed than the one found in iron-fortified cereals.

  • protein
  • iron
  • zinc
red meat

8. Butternut Squash

The natural sweetness and creamy texture makes this a favourite amongst babies.

  • Vitamin A: betacarotene
  • Folate
butternut squash 1

9. Sweet Potato

A naturally sweet choice that reaches a smooth consistency easily, sweet potatoes are one of the most common first foods. Plus it's easy on the digestive system.

  • Vitamin A: betacarotene
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
sweet potato

10. Eggs

This quick-cook first food option had an ideal smooth, creamy texture; plus it is packed with nutrients for your baby's growing body and brain.

  • protein
  • zinc
  • vitamin B12